Just an observation.

Word processors, eliminating the need for longhand, are the death of good penmanship. Before long, everyone will have the handwriting of a medical professional.

I knew Robin Thicke looked familiar

Well, while boarding the slow bus as usually, I just figured out that Robin Thicke is the son of Alan Thicke (Growing Pains anyone?) and it has put a completely new spin on how I view this musician.

Yes, he’s gorgeous, but now every time I see his face, I see Alan Thicke and that’s just creepy on so many levels. It’s like having the occasional obscene thought about some very close male relative. I shudder just to think about it. Oh, God, why? WHY? WHY DOES IT NEED TO BE THIS WAY?!?

At this point, I’m wondering why Robin Thicke couldn’t have looked like his mother (who I don’t know from any cheesy family friendly programs)?

Robin and Alan Thicke

I swear, they even have the same haircut. Sort of. And it just creeps me out so much. Why couldn’t he have just stayed with the long hair hippy look? He still looked pretty fly.

Robin Thicke

Okay, I’m done rambling for the night. I’m off to bed.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows XP

More goodies for the back up brain.

Keyboard short cuts for Windows XP

(not to self: memorize the damn “Microsoft natural keyboard shortcuts”.)

Selecting Multiple (Range of) List Items in iTunes for Windows

Because it was a bitch to figure out, I’m putting it in my new back up brain.

To select a range of songs in the list, click on the first song, click on Shift (hold it down), and select the last song in the range you want to select.

Sadly, Windows users are used to clicking on the first item in a range, selecting Ctrl+Shift (not just shift), and selecting the last one. Makes me wonder why Apple decided to complicate things for the Windows users. Eh. Oh well.

BS Piled High

It seems I’ve been in a mood lately. My schedule has been hectic and I have so many other things on my plate. Thankfully I’m starting to move in the direction of outsourcing, but that’s slow going. Maybe I have issues giving up control. LOL

I’ve also been noticing that I’ve been calling people on their bullsh*t a lot more too. I honestly don’t understand why people do it, knowingly do or commit to something, then claim ignorance and get upset when someone calls BS on them. *Sigh*. At least I’m learning how to be a better person by not following their examples.

By the way, if you’re a BSer, it may be a good idea to reevaluate. 2007 is turning out to be an interesting year.