Another Spam Milestone

Since I first activated Akismet just over a year ago, it has caught 106,934 spam comments.

Let’s do the math. 106,934 divided by 365 (I’m rounding down) is equivalent to 293 spam comments a day.

My last message to spammers still stands: I hope rabid gremlins gnaw your faces off while you sleep.

Prague, Here We Come!

The best news in the world. Just got off the phone with SissieD, and instead of dragging me on one of those floating death traps people call a cruise, we’re going to Prague instead. Can you say “happy, happy, joy, joy”?

If anyone has any ideas on what to see while we’re there (we’ll be heading out in November), I’m all ears. If anyone is in or near Prague and would like to meet up for a drink or tour, shoot me an e-mail.

Opening Car Doors is Overrated

Lincoln Disappearing Doors Protype

I gasped when I saw the video, but it was “oh, so cool” to watch.

If only that ’93 Licoln Mark whatever were an ’08 Mercedes S-Class sedan, then we’d be talkin’.

MTV Real World Moving Down Under

Looks like MTV finally ran out of United States landmarks to exploit for their show and have moved the act down to Australia. To my Aussie friends, you have my sympathies. To the cast, please don’t make us look like dumb Americans. Please.

Google Inadvertently Protecting (and Funding) Content Thieves

What a day. I was so frustrated I needed to take a long hot shower to calm myself down. I guess, in some sick and twisted way, I should be flattered that someone found my content worthy of duplication. But, I’m not. I’m pissed.

This splogger actually had the audacity to copy/paste pages of content from my site verbatim. He couldn’t just scrape it from the feed because I only use excerpts on that blog; In order to get the full content, he would actually need to visit my site directly and scrape it from there. To make things worse, it wasn’t just one or two pages, it was 20+. (I know, I know. At least it wasn’t hundreds or thousands.)

I decided to contact Blogger about it and I followed their form process and thought everything would be peachy; they’d get my e-mail report, have a look at the website and clearly see that it was just ripped content for financial gain (yea…AdSense, surprise, surprise), and then nuke the blog to splog hell. Hmmm…couldn’t be more wrong. Things don’t work like that in Google-land. finish reading »

How do some people deal with rude?

In my earlier years, I was a lot more patient, but not any more. I have a difficult time suffering rude people (heck, it’s number 43 on my 100 things) and I just wonder how some people do it.

What makes a person think that spending any amount of money on something gives them to right to lambaste you any which way. Surely, people know that it’s much better to be kind and pleasant in order to get their way? Of course, I could be wrong.

Gah…I’m going to Wal*Mart. Hopefully the day will get better and there’ll be less rude people to deal with.

Wreaking Havoc in Starbucks

I wanted to get out of the house, but didn’t want to do anything too involved, so I cajoled my sister into going to the local Starbucks with me. Little did I know how much fun it would turn out to be.

About 10 minutes after sitting down to enjoy our lunch, I worked up enough nerve to finally ask the barista for a favor. Behind my back I held on tightly to my three day old, yet badly tattered journal. Quietly, at first, I asked if he had any leftover coffee grounds. He asked if I wanted it for gardening. (Huh? People actually use coffee grounds for gardening? That’s news to me.)

I told him no. Instead, I opened up a page in my journal and asked him to smear it all around. At first, he looked at me like I was smoking some serious crack, but eventually he agreed. He was so delicate with it; gently swirling the dry coffee grounds and slowly dripping water over it so it would grip better. It was as if he overlooked the fact that the journal was called Wreck This Journal.

Finally (after much haranguing), he mustered up some courage and took that bad boy over to the sink, and got down and dirty with it. Sweet. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he enjoyed it. In any event, I owe him a big thanks. (He was also kind enough to let me immortalize the moment for my blog).

Starbucks Barista wrecking my journal

By the way, if you don’t already have Wreck This Journal, get it. It’s very therapeutic.