Now that I realize there’s really no such thing as a “natural” celebrity, I may just need to stop trying to emulate them and start Photoshopping myself whenever I don’t like my photos.

Of course, right now I can’t claim to have the same type of Photoshop skillz as those who cater to the stars. *sigh* (But, I can sure try.)

For an eye-opening look at this strange reality, visit iWANEX STUDIO and do the following:

  1. Click on Portfolio
  2. Click on a thumbnail image
  3. Hover over the larger image that pops up.
  4. Bonus: hover over Penelope Cruz’s photo back and forth really fast to see her hips and boobs grow.
  5. Another Bonus: hover over Beyonce’s photo back and forth really fast to see her love handles and calf-fat magically disappear.
  6. Bonus that the girls will hate me for: Click on Justin Timberlake’s photo and hover.

Hattip to Heather Burns for turning me onto this entertaining, yet deeply saddening, website.