• Troubleshooting my Linksys wireless router. And not having fun doing it, either. #
  • Although I *should* be heading off to bed, I’m currently upgrading my personal blog to WP 2.3 — yeah, I’m brave like that. #
  • Upgrade complete. First plugin I activated after upgrade? Akismet. In the 3 minutes it took to upgrade, I received 14 spam comments. *sigh* #
  • @Miraz – Nuts and raisins? That doesn’t sound too bad. Had baby back ribs from Chili’s if you wanna share. :) #
  • Since it’s a wee bit past 3:30am here, it’s definitely time for bed. G’night twitterfriends. #
  • Can’t believe it’s already 4pm and I haven’t twittered at all today. Where did the time go? Ah well. Getting ready for dance class. #
  • Just about ready for dance class, but finishing up a blog entry (or 2) on WP 2.3 and my upgrade experience, plus a run down of new features. #

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