• It’s another late night for me. Just finished yet another client update and I’m ready for bed. Thank goodness for relaxation CDs. #
  • It’s EoD for me and I am *sooo* glad it’s Friday. This has been one very long and frustrating day. #
  • Time to unwind, eat some dinner, and get ready for a movie. Sometimes life can be really good, especially after long scary days. :) #
  • I’ve also just declared e-mail bankruptcy on my Gmail account. (Thunderbird client only.) 12,000 messages deleted. http://www.urbandicti#
  • Twitter borked my link. http://tinyurl.com/2h7quo #
  • @daver – or 412mb…generally only happens when I have about 30 tabs open for 10 hours though. #
  • Currently eating some pasta as I plan out my schedule for tomorrow. So far, it’s looking like I have a pretty early day ahead of me. *sigh* #

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