I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-31

  • Good evening twittervillians. Hopefully twitter plays nice for me today. :) #
  • If spammers aren’t going to stop spamming altogether, *the least* they can do is give take a darn holiday. *sigh* #
  • @Trula – just looked up the book on Amazon…looks good; added to my 2008 shopping list. :) #
  • Discovery: it’s very difficult to type with a (heavy) sleeping baby in one arm. #
  • It’s now officially 6 minutes into New Year’s Eve where I’m located. Wow. I can’t believe this year is almost over… #

I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-29

  • Good morning twittervillians, I hope you’re all doing splendidly. #
  • The longer I’m awake, the more I realize that it’s far too early to be awake especially when you’ve only had a few hours sleep. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-27

  • Hello twittervillians! I hope you all had a fine and loverly holiday season. :D #
  • It looks as though I won’t be able to go out and party for New Year’s because I have to babysit the nieceling. *sigh* #
  • Hi @Balou <waving> #

I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-19

  • Back home from dance; fed and happy. Now I’m super duper tired. Gotta say good night twitter peeps. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-18

  • Hello twitterville, I’m back and feeling wonderful. I hope you all can say the same. :) #
  • Writing’s done for a little while and now it’s back to coding. But, first — gonna workout. #
  • thanks @citywitch. #
  • P.S. Am I the only one who loves Broken by Seether ft. Amy Lee? Gosh, I hope not. #
  • @jeanniebeannie – wonderful! Sorry it took so long, did you get my e-mail? #
  • Hi @DearYvette! Yeah @citywitch, it’s good to know I’m not alone. :D #
  • @DearYvette – I *love* milkshake. :D #
  • @jeanniebeannie – what’d you just read? ROFL #
  • @BeckyMcCray – howdy right back at ya! #
  • @DearYvette – LOL "my paint brush brings all the boys to the yard." Too cute. #
  • Really going to workout this time. See y’all in a few. :D #
  • Good afternoon twittervillians. I’m back trying to get some work done before dance class. #
  • @banannie7 – probably a strange server config (?) #
  • @trishussey – seems you’ve been updating your blog quite a bit, huh? #
  • @jeanniebeannie – thanks for the clarification and for reference, my b-day is in May. But, now I wonder who’s celebrating today. :D #
  • @banannie7 – aww, that explains a lot. I had to tweak my XAMPP install quite a bit to get it do what I *needed* it to. LOL #
  • @trishussey – stuff happens, no worries. :) #
  • Random tangent: Grape tomatoes are such a *yummy* snack food. #
  • @JayMoney – nice find, thanks for sharing. #
  • my sister just announced my Christmas present: "I decided to buy a pack of panties to split between you and SissieM." Tag: Sorry, I’m broke. #
  • Now: getting ready for dance class. #
  • Off to dance class. Tweet you all later. :) #

I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-14

  • I find it funny that spokeo will ask for your email address/password on an insecure page. (Yea, I skipped that step.) #

I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-13

  • Currently enthralled with ANTM (it’s a vice). Sad to see Jenna go home, but hey, the show must go on. #
  • Oh hell no: http://tinyurl.com/2pgfjw #
  • Kinda laughing that they listed it under "Gift ideas". I’ll send the link to my sis and see what she tells me. #
  • Oh, Chantal just wrecked the fashion show by tripping a performer with her dress. Nice. #
  • @sugarrae – godaddy must have some kind of hold over The Man if he’s immune to lingerie. *tsk tsk* #
  • Just discovered (fluff)Friends on Facebook and am seriously considering purchasing Fuzzy Butt a (fluff)tini and a Raggedy Old Boot to eat. #
  • @citywitch – what’s Hell Date? I think I’ve been living under a rock. #
  • @montgorp – G’night and sleep well. #
  • Oh noze. My eyelids are heavy. That means it’s time for me to be out twitterfriends. G’night and sleep well. :) #

I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-12

  • Back from dance class and about to eat a peanut butter cookie from Subway’s before checking e-mail. #
  • I miss a lot when I’m out in the real world living life. Must catch up on tweets. #
  • @sugarrae – I say password protect away, just don’t forget to send me the password. :) #
  • It’s kinda pathetic how excited I get when it’s about time to launch a new WP as a CMS site. *sigh* #
  • G’morning tweeps. I hope everyone is having a loverly day so far. :) #
  • Been beating my head against Flash for too long. It’s time to go exercise and get my body woken up. #
  • Just sent an e-mail to affiliate merchant b/c a bunch of their links are dead and wanted an update. #
  • Received auto reply "out of office Sept 12- 17". This does not instill much hope of getting the problem fixed, but my fingers *are* crossed. #
  • Faith has been restored. Received a *very* prompt and courteous response from aff manager. Nice. #
  • @jeanniebeannie – call and let them know they missed something, they’ll let you pick it up later. (At least our Taco Bell does.) #
  • @jeanniebeannie – Of course, that does nothing for your hunger *now*. :/ #
  • @JennTaFur – The RIAA *has been* and apparently still is trippin’. #
  • Am I lost, but when did Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End come out? I don’t remember it being mentioned or listed in any theaters. #
  • Yet it’s being released to DVD already? Ah well, it’s next in my Netflix queue, so I’ll still get to see it. #
  • @PreppyDude – shopping? recently? Nope. But, I need to go – my fridge is looking pretty bare. #
  • Off to the grocery store. Tweet y’all later. :) #
  • @PreppyDude – aww…I love Crate & Barrel. Thanks for thinking of us. :) #
  • Back home from grocery shopping and it feels good. It was quite an adventure. #
  • Food’s put away so I’m going to work on one more chapter of my report before calling it a day. #
  • "These were tough times to be a not-especially-bright hominid." I bet in a couple thousand years, our successors will say the same of us. #
  • By the way, the quote came from this article discussing the evolution of the female spine for pregnancy: http://tinyurl.com/yq747x #
  • @BlondeByDesign – I have a Vaio and it’s pretty good; takes getting used to if you haven’t used one before. I do miss my Fujitsu though. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-11

  • Made it out of the post office relatively unscathed. Now I’m chilling at my sister’s house for a little while before doing some more work. #
  • The LA Fitness off Sunrise and 136th has some rude customer service people. Definitely won’t be getting a membership there any time soon. #
  • Actually, it was just the manager who put me off. The lady at the front desk was actually quite pleasant. #
  • It’s time to start putting some finishing touches on my affiliate website. Soon it will be ready for the world. :) #
  • spokeo.com seems like it opens up a whole new world for stalkers. *shudder* (via @trula) #
  • if people don’t know about my blogs or websites, there’s probably a damn good reason. #
  • "Winning and losing are only momentary states. Whether you win or lose, you have the chance to get up and fight another day." #
  • @paulshort – I think you’re just tired of looking at the before pics of boobs. #
  • Must remember to work out before heading off to dream land. By the way, does anyone know of a good 24 hour gym in S. FL? #
  • It’s time for bed. G’night twitterville. Sleep well. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2007-12-10

  • I’m so tempted to build myself a Hackintosh. Adding it to my ’08 to-do list. http://tinyurl.com/2adfwh #
  • @paulshort u still alive? #
  • In post office hell. #