I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-28

  • @JonSymons Actually, WP 2.5 never had the problem; could just 2.0 to 2.5–think it’s something 2.6 specific. But, meh, I had a backup. #
  • Wasn’t difficult to find the categories and update them from phpMyAdmin manually (luckily it was very few categories). #
  • So, in case anyone missed it: When upgrading WordPress 2.0, jump to 2.5 first (for your categories’ sake) and then move up to 2.6 #
  • Hello Twittervillians. Have you been kind today? #
  • @daver LOL – Mondays have a way of doing that to people. That’s why I try to start my day off with all the pleasant stuff first. :) #
  • Just finished reading, emails, and now it’s time for writing. (Gonna save the coding for tomorrow.) #
  • BTW, if anyone knows of any good word processing software designed specifically for authors, I’d be much obliged. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-27

  • After being off line for some 4 days, there’s nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon to get all caught up on the stuff that has piled up. #
  • @JJParsons – I thought I couldn’t function with 1 day off line, but it gets easier. It’s like weaning yourself off an addiction or something #
  • @corprebel Sorry for not seeing your tweet sooner; things are peachy keen down my way. How about yourself? #
  • Some 700 email messages later, I’m almost back on track. Still need to update a new WP installation and write a couple book reviews. #
  • @JJParsons Well, I wasn’t counting my “web enhanced” phone. I did sneak online to order a few books on Amazon. LOL #
  • @JJParsons (Un)fortunately, my phones aren’t good for much more than that b/c most of the web just looks crappy on them. #
  • @Miraz The words are there, just hiding. Maybe it’s time to take a break and read something relaxing to coax them back. :) #
  • @JJParsons Erm, aren’t you *not* supposed to turn on your phone during flight? That’s sooo naughty. Tsk tsk. #
  • On another note, I’ve always wondered if everyone turned on their phones during a flight, would the plane go crashing to the ground? #
  • @JJParsons Four wheelin’ in the rockies? How awesome is that. Color me jealous, but I find it rather odd you’d want to access the internet. #
  • Making my personal core hacks to WordPress 2.6 files. Been putting it off, but can’t hold off any more with 2 upgrades waiting. #
  • @JJParsons LOL Thanks. Definitely need the moral support; this is the most tedious part of a new WP release (aside from updating scripts). #
  • @shoemoney It’s not just you. #
  • All right, then. Going to read a book while the blog backups are being completed. Tweet y’all in a little while. #
  • Just upgraded blog from 2.0 to 2.6 and found that 2.6 doesn’t like migrating categories all that well. *sigh* #

I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-23

  • Decided on RCA Small Wonder instead of Flip (expandable memory via MicroSD card decided it) and have my review up: http://tinyurl.com/6dkz2f #

I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-22

  • Trying to finish my webhosting review, but hot damn, Media Temple apparently doesn’t like blog entries past a certain length. #
  • Guess that means I’ll have to do some *heavy* revising of the blog entry and the hosts I’ve listed as recommended. #
  • The WordPress hosting review is finally as published as it’s going to get. Not entirely happy, but, eh. http://tinyurl.com/5u42xy #
  • Why is it always so hard to design for your own site, especially one you care deeply about? *sigh* #
  • @DearYvette – LOL. Wiser words were never spoken. :) #
  • @retta719 vague is an understatement. I’d like to see some terms, rules, and a clear outline of who is eligible. #
  • My old Sony laptop is jealous of my new Sony laptop because I secretly enjoy drawing graphics on it more. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-21

  • Good morning tweeps. Hope y’all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. And I also hope your week won’t be too long. :) #
  • Back in the office after what was supposed to be a quick step out. Now working on a new affiliate report. #
  • First, there are a few emails I need to take care of. #
  • Hot diggity, RCA reps are definitely quick to join the conversation. +1 for RCA. LOL #
  • Hot diggity, RCA reps are definitely quick to join the conversation (http://tinyurl.com/6ff35u). +1 for RCA. LOL #
  • Currently writing a webhosting review blog entry. MT *was* on my recommended list, but seriously thinking of relegating them to maybe list. #
  • Apparently, MediaTemple doesn’t like something in my text and has decided to randomly throw up a 500 Internal Server Error when previewing. #
  • Plus, their one-click backup has been missing in action for goodness only knows how long now. #
  • It’s official–I can no longer, in good conscience, recommend Media Temple to anyone I care about. Seriously. #
  • New Facebook is broken. #
  • All right, it’s time for me to go offline for the day b4 my head explodes (foreal). Have a good one tweeps, see you in the morning light. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-20

  • Just saw The Dark Knight. Damn. That movie was awesome. Trying to write my thoughts down now for a proper review. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-19

  • Skipping ballet this morning to get stuff done around the house. Just finishing up email first. #
  • OMG, I have 113 Facebook friend requests and I sincerely don’t feel like going through them all right now. #
  • In other news, email is all caught up for now. It’s time to log off for a while. Have a great weekend tweeps. #
  • Need advice: Flip Mino (http://tinyurl.com/5shnav) or RCA Small Wonder (http://tinyurl.com/6p55qf)? Not a fan of green, but… #
  • I am absolutely digging my graphics tablet with Vista right now. No need to type anything – handwriting recognition is awesome. #
  • Finally taking some time to set up my Vista laptop so I can code, test, and do more than just watch DVDs. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-18

  • Just popping in to say two things: this has been *one busy week* and g’night Twittervillians. Catch ya in the morning light. :) #

I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-14

  • sister’s business was burglarized; spent past few hours helping her out. #
  • if u were expecting an email from me this am, I’ll be sending them out this afternoon. #
  • Back home after what can only be described as one harrowing day. Thieves only made off with the (empty) cash register–thank goodness. #
  • Emails should be all caught up. If I overlooked yours, please resend it. Thx. #
  • @AndyBeard funny you should mention that as I’m planning to build out my own tracking script for CB. Just not comfortable with their set up. #
  • @AndyBeard Will most likely be running on WordPress (already have a WP site I could test it all out on). Will have to check out that plugin. #
  • @jeanniebeannie – thank you and you’re right, definitely not a good feeling, but it could have been so much worse. #
  • @AndyBeard and just in case I totally lost you, I was referring to the GN set up and not necessarily the CB set up. LOL #
  • @AndyBeard – they have access to *far too much* data on their servers for my comfort. #

I’ve been tweeting: 2008-07-11

  • Back home from dance and gym. Got to meet Casely (http://tinyurl.com/5f9ku3) and watch him rehearse for a bit. #
  • Yes, ladies, he’s really *that* fine in real life. :) Plus, he’s a super nice guy (funny & extremely talented too). #
  • I’ve just reverted to using Firefox 2.0.x; 3.0 was just killing me–has some nice new features, but too buggy for my tastes. #
  • @mindykoch I’ve tried Flock and it just didn’t impress me. I have far too many *essential* Firefox add-ons that just weren’t available. #
  • Maybe I’ll give it another try, though. It may have improved since I last tried it. #
  • Blocking out 2 hours to review the all new hot rage in the IM community that everybody and their dog must promote. #
  • @lynnterry I’m surprised you don’t already know :) — granted, I haven’t seen you pimping it. LOL (Hint: includes the word nemesis.) #
  • @mindykoch My *essential* Firefox add-on is Web Dev Toolbar, plus a number of small innocuous ones (like the date stamp/style disabler, etc) #
  • @lynnterry that’s another one I’ve seen mentioned a lot, too. #
  • @mindykoch yep, that’s the one. So far, it looks interesting (have only viewed the first video which teaches you how to use Google Slasher). #
  • Going through GN as though I’m a newbie. Just finished signing up for membership site and watching the first 2 videos, now reading reports. #
  • @mindykoch I’m going to comb through the Flock addons; if they have comp. addons for at least 80% of my FF addons, I may switch. #
  • @mindykoch Curious though, does it support multiple profiles/using multiple profiles at the same time? #
  • @learninggeek – mmm, cheesecake is right. And thanks, I do try to keep my reviews as honest as possible, even if it costs me a few sales. #
  • @learninggeek I figure my dignity and good name is more valuable than a $30 commission. LOL #
  • http://teli.ishavingamassage.com/ (courtesy of Anil) #
  • Just finished reading and taking notes on the 2 reports. So far, the info was a quick read and easy to digest. Still collecting my thoughts. #