Scripting Fingers

I felt absolutely productive today. I managed to get a script update done that’s been waiting in the wings for quite a while. There is still one other script update I need to do, along with a few website updates, but that will happily wait until tomorrow or Monday.

I’ve also decided on which sites I will be selling and some of the details of the sale. Ahh, what a great day it can be when you sort of shut out the world and simply focus. Now it’s time to relax a bit before I have to be at rehearsal.

More Insanity Coming Soon

It’s been a long hiatus. But, I hope to start blogging here again soon.

The reason I stopped blogging here in the first place was because it became too personal and I felt too exposed. In the time I’ve spent away from personal blogging, I’ve set up roots elsewhere, such as Twitter and Facebook. Since those services allowed me to set my privacy options, I felt a lot more comfortable.

Now, as I come back to Mild Insanity, a home that I truly love and miss dearly, it’s my hope to strike the perfect balance. This blog will still remain personal, no doubt about it, but I hope to maintain a level of comfort necessary for my own sanity. :)

So, in the very near future, I plan to start writing again. It may be only a little bit at first, but I hope that it will increase as time pushes forward.