So, as the story goes, my laptops were stolen.

Yes, the machines from which I do my work and earn my livelihood.

One morning I went out and returned a few hours later to find that someone had been in and out of my home, taking with them my laptops, a digital camera, some jewelry, some DVDs, and a sword.

Poof. Gone.

Luckily, everything has worked out for the best because I not only have most of my stuff back (I say most because a few pieces of jewelry and my DVDs were already long gone), but the people who did it are locked up behind bars. Three boys who look sixteen, but are really legally adults.

On a more unfortunate note (I guess, depending on how you look at it), both of my laptops had already been erased and the thieves had already made themselves at home on them. One was so bold as to download porn and start working on his business cards and flyers. Apparently, they were upgrading to my laptops and had intended to sell their own.

So, the programs I’d purchased and installed, the files I’d created, the photos and videos I’d edited over the last three years are gone. Well, technically, within the last year since I did have a back up of most of the files on an external hard drive which they didn’t take. (Thank goodness.) Still, I didn’t make a back up of all the files and programs I’d have.

And from that, dear readers, is where you should take your lesson. When you back up, make sure to back up everything.

Only one laptop has been relatively restored to a state of working order and I still have to spend another day restoring the remaining laptop, but with this fresh start, I find that I’m more careful with the files and programs I’m choosing to install and keep this time around.

Since it’s so late, I’ll probably write another entry with the entire story of how the laptops were recovered. (It’s actually quite a miracle if I do say so, and I owe a huge debt of thanks to a Detective Williams.) And in that future entry, I’ll probably update on what’s happening with the thieves and supposed crises of conscience. (I guess a night in a grown up jail cell with a crackhead can do that to a person.)

Oh wait. I’ve just been notified (yes, as I write this) that there was a change in one of the boy’s status and apparently he’s no longer in the custody of the local county jail. He may have been moved to the department of corrections or he may be out on bail or something, so I’ll have to call the jail in the morning for more info. *sigh*