It’s Sunday. And it’s a miracle I can even function. Seriously, I used to lounge away the entire day listening to music or watching movies. It was like my body physically precluded me from doing anything productive. Today seems to be no different, except that I’m in the upright position and haven’t turned on my iPod or DVD player all day. So what have I been doing?

  • Reading. Oddly, I woke up with a desire to read a book that I received a few days ago from Amazon. It’s leisurely, but in the quietness lurks something that seems sinister…in a twisted way. That made no sense now that I’ve re-read it, but meh. It’s called Broken by Karin Fossum BTW.
  • Writing. Before I went to bed last night, there was the beginning of a story scratching at the inside of my head and it refused to let me sleep until I took up a pad of paper and wrote it down. It’s about a girl who wakes up from death. Morbid, I know. But interesting. Today more of the story is coming to me. What’s stressful, though, is that I still have three other stories which need finishing.
  • Drawing. Well, I haven’t technically drawn anything yet today, but oh goodness my hands are quivering to. I have the picture in my head and it wants to get out so badly. I must make some time to do that. (I will only share that it’s along the lines of my taste in reading. Darkly quirky.)
  • Laundry. What were Sundays made for if not laundry? ‘Nuff said.

And I did mention there would be random shizzle, didn’t I?

  • I spoke with an ex-boyfriend who I hadn’t spoken to in nearly six years. That was…um…there is no word for what that was. It made my brain go numb for a little while afterward. There was so much to catch up on and not all of it good. I think my brain is still a little numb from it.
  • CSS Goddess is now set up on its own hosting account and I’ve installed WordPress 3.0 and I’ll be setting it up with BuddyPress and developing a custom theme in the weeks to come. Complete truth be told, I’ve been a bit lazy with the development, but I’ll course correct come this week.
  • Torchwood totally rocks. OK, I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for some years…since before I quit T.V. and I was elated when I saw that Netflix had it in stock, so when they recommended I watch Torchwood because I liked DW, I decided why the hell not? Turns out the spin-off is pretty cool, and a lot more homoerotic than I expected.

I think that’s about it for today. Now I must go draw something.