(This was originally published on Facebook, but since someone decided to delete her FB account, I’m also publishing it here.)

Christian Kane Drawing
(Title: Sketchbook Dump #13 (or, Unfinished Sketch of Christian Kane as a Shirtless Avenging Angel). Sorry for the watermark, but you know how TehInternetz can be. Also, sorry for the crappy scan.)

Now for the explanation…

I’m not big on doing fan art that doesn’t involve fictional anime characters. The last one I did was of Aaliyah when she was still alive, if that says anything.

But, one morning at God-Isn’t-Even-Awake-Yet o’clock my phone rings. It’s my friend J, but let’s call her Bucket o’ Crazy (BoC for short), who says, “You have to check your email right now!!!!1!! *squee*”

Me: (still half asleep) What’s email?

Thinking that the world is on fire, I reluctantly check my email to find a crapload of pictures.

Me: You woke me up at this unholy hour to look at pics of some random guy?!?
BoC: It’s not some random guy, it’s Christian Kane and I need you to draw him.
Me: The glue you’ve been sniffing must have gone bad.
BoC: With wings.


At this point I should have known better. I should have rolled over, gone back to sleep, and left it alone. But damn my curious nature.

Me: Why with wings?
BoC: Because he kind of looks like an avenging angel, doesn’t he?

*anotherpause* As I stare blankly at the computer screen.

Me: Er…um…since when do avenging angels wear Stetsons?


BoC: And he has to be shirtless.
Me: He has to be…oh sweet baby jeebus and all that is good and sane, WHY?!?
BoC: Because he’s so pretty.

(Here, my darlings, is where I do you a kindness and remove the portion of the conversation that centered on his hair for 10 minutes.)

Me: o_0 … if I agree to do this will you hang up and let me go back to sleep?
BoC: I know what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work.

Knowing that arguing would be no use, I set the phone down, went to make myself a pop tart and poured some juice. When I returned, bless her sweet little heart, she was still going on about hunting me down or kidnapping my first born or some such nonsense.

Me: If you stop, I’ll draw your damn picture of Dean Kane, shirtless with wings.
Me: Sorry, Dean Christian.
BoC: You and I are no longer friends.
Me: Seriously? Does that mean I don’t have to draw the picture?
BoC: No.
Me: But you said we weren’t friends. Hehe.
BoC: STFU and draw!

Yeah, I’m also wondering why the hell I’m still friends with her too. ;)

And J, before you beg me to finish it, I don’t like how it’s turning out, so for now it’ll just be a stub. Maybe, in the future, if I feel so inclined, I may start over and do an illustration that I’ll ink/color in Painter…maybe.