Designing by the Seat of My Pants

It’s long overdue, but I’m finally redesigning the Teli Design Studio. Right now there’s just a placeholder up while I work behind the scenes, but I’m tempted to take it down so that people can watch a design in its various iterations. Since I’m too tired right now, it’s a decision which needs to wait ’til morning.

Dreams, Nightmares, Same Difference

I wonder what it says about me when I have a dream that by normal definitions would be considered a nightmare, yet I think it would make one freakishly fantastic story. (And rather than frighten me, said dream only made me slightly tense.)

I Write Like…Part 2

Since I didn’t include the nifty badge last time, here it is:

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Inspiration from Mr. Hines


I want me some pretty (serif) ampersands, so I’m making a mental note of the (relatively web-friendly) font families which have them.

Baskerville, “Goudy Old Style”, Palatino, “Book Antiqua”

I’ll probably come across some others, but for now…pretty ampersand fonts, duly noted.

I Write Like…

David Foster Wallace, according to I Write Like, a relatively new online tool which compares your writing to a pool of well known and accomplished authors.

That was my result when I tried two short stories and the prologue to a novel. Then I tried an Amazon review and it told me I write like Dan Brown. (Not my review of Twilight, though. For that, I apparently channeled Meyer herself.)

Then I put in another novel’s prologue and it told me I write like David Foster Wallace again.

Oh, and Cormac McCarthy writes like Ursula K. Le Guin.

A Whole Bunch of Sites I Want to Remember Later

Happy link dump day!

What’s in the Box?

Got a HUGE package from Amazon the other day. It was so huge I thought someone had actually bought me all 200+ items from my Wishlist. Then I opened it.

GIANT Amazon Box

My hope waned when I saw all the butcher paper, but there was still an inkling, so I removed the paper…

And found…

TINY package in GIANT box

iPhone screen protectors. Hope gone.

Amazon Packaging Failure. (Thank goodness I recycle.)

Happy (Rainy) Independence Day!

To the folks residing in the USofA, may your barbeques by sizzlin’ and your fireworks be dazzlin’.

(And to the folks residing in South Florida, let’s all say a collective prayer that the clouds will disperse thereby eliminating any chance of rain…)