In the last three months I’ve had more problems with my Amazon experience than the past three years combined.

The first blip on my radar was with the shipping of some milk powder I’d ordered (BTW, great in shakes or if you prefer to use milk instead of water when making oatmeal). The package, marked as “Ready to Ship”, arrived with no protection; when I opened it there was milk powder everywhere. Their customer service was excellent and quick to send out a replacement (in much better packaging), so I let it go.

Then less than a month later I ordered my netbook and had a similar experience. Except instead of milk powder everywhere I had a damaged computer. Although the computer was secure in its own box, Amazon neglected to add any protection to serve as shock absorption. Sure, getting it replaced was easy enough, but I still had to go through the hassle of repacking the old computer and shipping it back. (The new computer arrived in the same packaging conditions, so it was only by miracle it didn’t end up damaged in transit.)

And less than a month after that, I ordered a product and paid the extra $3.99 to have overnight shipping (I’ve been a Prime member for some years and enjoy the luxury of free 2nd day shipping on certain products or $3.99 for overnight). It was scheduled to ship out and arrive by Saturday, but I was informed on Monday via shipping update email that there was a delay and my package would arrive on Wednesday. (No offer to refund the $3.99 though.)

Unfortunately, I’d selected the shipping address based on where I was going to be at the time and wasn’t going to be there on Wednesday. Unfortunately when I logged into my account it wouldn’t allow me to change the order in any way or even cancel it. Yet another call to customer service. By the end I was so frustrated that I just had her cancel the order altogether and bought what I needed from Best Buy.

Now (and this is a relatively minor quibble), recently Amazon extended their Prime shipping to include Saturday delivery if the product is ordered by a certain time on Thursday. Just decided to test this theory out this past Thursday only to find that my package didn’t arrive as scheduled on Saturday, it arrived on Monday. No big deal, just annoying.

There’s more, but I don’t feel like getting into all of it. Had these incidents been spaced out over years I probably wouldn’t have noticed. But since they all occurred within such a short period of time I wonder what’s going on…growing pains while they try to make improvements?

(I still ♥ and will continue to shop there—assuming things don’t get much worse, this blog post is mainly to vent some frustration.)