My blog is lonely. I should rectify that.

This year I started off on a creative kick, trying out some new artistic styles. Figured I’d post them up. (They’re already in my FB album and deviantART gallery.)


(My scanning capabilities are questionable, but I’m sure they will improve over the year.)

Clockwise from the top left:

  • Sorrow: I was listening to a weepy song when I drew this one, hence the title. Plus, she does look a bit sorrowful.
  • Lady Luck’s Abused Ragdoll: This title evolved many times and I’m not even certain it will stay with its current appellation.
  • Peekaboo: I was feeling surreal that day. And I wanted to use colored pencils.
  • Sharing Secrets: My sister ended up liking this one so I created a larger version for her birthday. (Took close to forever, but I love her, so it’s OK.)

Each of the drawings measures only 2.5”x3.5”—the size of a trading card—and took under an hour to finish. I think that’s why I enjoy making them as much as I do. But, to be completely honest, I’m ready to start working on larger drawing projects again.