I updated the firmware in my WD TV Live Hub about a week ago and I’m surprised I managed to go this long without rolling it back seeing as how the upgrade caused my left and down arrow keys to work only when they chose to (or not at all in the case of the down arrow), plus some other bugs.

My first instinct was to read up at the support forums and check the firmware release notes. Not very helpful. So I called their Tech Support line. Even less helpful. My only other recourse was to downgrade the firmware myself.

From the page which outlines their downgrade instructions, you click on the link to download Firmware v. 2.03.24 and you find a Page Not Found error. Oh noze. But, thanks to the sleuthing of a helpful poster in the support forums, we get the real v. 2.03.24 firmware link (~81MB).

There’s just one teeny, tiny problem: The downgrade will not work with those files as-is.

Here’s the solution: You have to edit the version number and convince the WD TV Live Hub that you’re trying to upgrade the firmware when you’re really downgrading.

To do that, unzip all three files into the root directory of your USB drive (as the instructions say) and then, using a plain text ASCII editor (like Notepad), open up the wdtvlivehub.ver file.

You should see:


Change VERSION=’2.03.24’ to a higher number, like VERSION=’6.0.0’, and save it. Plug the USB drive into the WD TV Live Hub box and wait, do nothing, don’t press any buttons, just wait.

After a few seconds the message asking you to sink the files should disappear and from there, just follow the instructions starting at Step 6.

It’s a pain in the butt, and I lost a bunch of services I didn’t even use anyway, but at least my arrow keys are all finally working again.