Valentine's Day Card from several years ago

While I was spring cleaning (I figured I’d get a jump on it…), I found a Valentine’s Day card I’d made for my sister. It made me smile and it made her laugh, especially considering she hadn’t lived at the address on the envelope for several years.

As Valentine’s Day looms ever closer I remembered that card and wondered, “Why did I stop making those again?” In fact, I had always made small cards and homemade gifts for my family and friends for the major holidays…and it always made me feel good (along with, I hope, the people who received them).

Working Valentine's Day Card Line Art

So today I cleared a few hours from my schedule to start that tradition back up again. I’ve created my mailing list, gathered together my sketchbook and art supplies, and I’m hunkering down to make some magic.

This year, though, I’m going for something a bit different. Instead of signing every card, I’m thinking of doing general love cards which can then be passed on to others. I figure that way the love can keep on spreading.

Now if I can just nail down a basic design…hmmm.

Valentine's Day card sketch and finished product

(The picture above is the card I designed for one of my sisters. After finishing though, I might just keep it for myself.)