The Disney Princess Flouncy Bag

My nieceling received a new Disney Princess wallet as a gift. After she finished asking people for money to put in it, she decided she also needed a purse in which to put the wallet. And it couldn’t be any old purse, it had to be a Disney Princess purse.

That’s where I came in…

After some thought, I wanted something quick and easy and uncomplicated. (My niece, after all, is only five.) So I used a modified version of the flouncy bag pattern from One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.

Close-up of the Disney Princess Flouncy Bag

I actually made a muslin to test out my modifications and thank goodness I did. I’d based my modified pattern on the numbers given in the book, and those numbers were…um…rather off. Plus, the attaching of the exterior to the lining was just a pain in the backside.

But after some testing and tweaking, I finally finished a child-size version of the flouncy bag.

The Disney Princess Flouncy Bag

Inside view of the Disney Princess bag

For the curious, here are the modifications I made (aside from shrinking it overall by roughly 30%):

  • Reduced the seam allowance from 1/2” to 1/4”;
  • I omitted the ribbon;
  • I used lace trim instead of piping;
  • And probably the biggest modification, I changed how the exterior and lining was attached. Rather than lining them up wrong sides together, folding in the seam, and topstitching to close, I left a small opening in the lining, placed the exterior in the lining—right sides together—sewed it  with a 1/4” allowance and pulled the bag right side out through the small opening I left in the lining. I could have topstitched around the edge to finish, but meh.

It’s certainly not perfect, but my niece liked it so much, she made her mom buy her some makeup to put in it (alongside her wallet). That, in my book, makes it a winner. :)

My Niece Modeling Her Bag

In fact, I kinda like it, too. I think I’ll make myself a grown-up version.

Getting Crafty the Puffy Pouch Way

Since this blog hasn’t seen any love in a while and I’ve been spending a bunch of time crafting—I’m putting a new sewing machine through its paces (or that’s the excuse since I’m really just procrastinating…there’s a book I need to finish editing)—I figure this might be a good time to show the world what I’ve been up to.


I found the tutorial for the puffy pouch at Pink Penguin, but as you can probably tell from my version…I’ve made some slight modifications.

I wanted a wristlet, so I added the applicable loop. And I decided that I didn’t want to use Velcro or hunt down a flex frame, but had plenty of zippers, so I figured I’d just use that. Also, because I was using a zipper, I decided I had to make it bigger.

But sometimes my brain can’t keep up with me and I neglected to add the proper seam allowance, although I thought I did, so I ended up with a stubbier zipper area than I wanted. Luckily the 7” zipper fit the 6.5” opening. It just looks a little…off. Ah well, it still works.


The pouch is upcycled from an old pair of jean shorts and a Hannah Montana sheet. I’m planning to make another one, with a few more modifications, since I still have some material left over. For now, I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with this one. Hmm.