The Face off

Little Tiger made a new friend today.

Little Tiger and the Scared Squirrel

Your eyes do not deceive you; that is a squirrel and it seems attached to my patio screen. Click on the image for a larger view.

I originally went outside because I kept hearing this horrible noise. It sounded like a bird in heat (or dying). You can imagine how shocked I was to learn it was this fuzzy woodland creature. For proof, I took as much video as my camera’s memory card would allow (3 seconds).

And She’s Graduated To Reptiles

Tiger likes bringing nature inside with her – normally her interpretation of nature are lizards and various insects, except today.

I walk out of my room to get something to drink when I noticed a thin dark figure on the floor and my initial thought was ‘oh no, she brought in an earth worm’ until it tried to snap at my ankle…that thought quickly shifted to ‘oh shit, she brought in a snake.’

Luckily I’m not terribly afraid of snakes, and the fact that it looked to be a young ringneck (non-venomous) made the situation a little easier to digest. I ended up picking it up and relocating it to more appropriate surroundings — now it’s happily slithering away somewhere into the wild (hopefully away from my home).

To be honest, I felt more sorry for the poor snake – who knows what trauma it underwent at the paws of my cat.

damn. cat.

Because I can…

It just dawned on me that I have a personal blog and I have not yet posted any pictures of my cat…I posted a picture of my pig from yesteryear that I don’t even remember, but not pics of my precious fuzzy baby…well, here they are (and yes, that is a milk bone collar).

Little Tiger