Happy Valentine’s Day

I finished all the Valentine’s day cards and got them mailed out in the nick of time. But I realize there are many people whose addresses I don’t know, so I decided to make a special card for them, too.

Enjoy a giant cupcake...

Unfortunately, all the nifty shiny doesn’t quite show up in the picture, but pretend it’s there.

I’ll also forgo the annual love poem (mostly because I’m too lazy to get up and select one), but I’ll urge you to think love-ful thoughts all day.

Aw hell, I can’t break tradition

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.

(I knew that one by heart.)

New Holiday Traditions…Starting with Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Card from several years ago

While I was spring cleaning (I figured I’d get a jump on it…), I found a Valentine’s Day card I’d made for my sister. It made me smile and it made her laugh, especially considering she hadn’t lived at the address on the envelope for several years.

As Valentine’s Day looms ever closer I remembered that card and wondered, “Why did I stop making those again?” In fact, I had always made small cards and homemade gifts for my family and friends for the major holidays…and it always made me feel good (along with, I hope, the people who received them).

Working Valentine's Day Card Line Art

So today I cleared a few hours from my schedule to start that tradition back up again. I’ve created my mailing list, gathered together my sketchbook and art supplies, and I’m hunkering down to make some magic.

This year, though, I’m going for something a bit different. Instead of signing every card, I’m thinking of doing general love cards which can then be passed on to others. I figure that way the love can keep on spreading.

Now if I can just nail down a basic design…hmmm.

Valentine's Day card sketch and finished product

(The picture above is the card I designed for one of my sisters. After finishing though, I might just keep it for myself.)

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air. It’s blowing through the trees and, hopefully, into your heart.

I received my Valentine gift early this year (i.e. in January), but wanted to post about it when the big day actually arrived.

My Valentine's Day Mug & Puppy

Isn’t it cute?

As not to break tradition, I bring you a poem.

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
by Francis William Bourdillon (1852-1921)

The night has a thousand eyes,
And the day but one;
Yet the light of the bright world dies
With the dying of the sun.

The mind has a thousand eyes,
And the heart but one;
Yet the light of a whole life dies
When love is done.

(10 second translation: Cherish love, always. It can be fleeting.)

Isn’t today loverly? Ahhhhh…

We Gonna Party Like It’s Ya Birthday!

SissieD is another year older today, and unlike last year, I refrained from calling her old. :)

And I can proudly say that I was the first person to wish her a happy birthday at the start of the day today because…eh hem…I called her at 12:01am. :D

She didn’t answer, so I began to leave her a message, then partway through my (very poor) rendition of Happy Birthday someone was beeping in…it was her, so I clicked over and finished singing it where I’d left off.

Now, let me tell you all about my wonderful sissie…

She’s the oldest of us three.
She was the one who took over my dream when I was too tired.
She takes care of me when I need taking care of.
Actually, she takes care of anyone who needs taking care of.
She’s one of the strongest people, emotionally and mentally, that I know.
She makes me smile when I need a smile.
She makes me laugh when I need to laugh.
She’s a super pimp, but refuses to admit it.
She encourages me to never settle and to push myself (I can always do better).
She doesn’t get mad at me when I shop in her home. (She has some pretty cool stuff.)
She’s the logical and sensible one of us three.
She is someone I admire and look up to.

And we’re going to Australia together on Monday – WOO and HOO!

But, for now, I’m off to go deliver her present.

My Sissie Wubs Me

My sister text messaged me yesterday morning a couple days ago, but I didn’t get it until now because I’m notoriously bad at checking my text messages unless I’m actually holding the phone when I get it.

She’s been messing around with her new cell phone, and after a barrage of “my cell phone is better than your cell phone” types of messages, I got this one…

10/05/06 8:42am


Awww. That made me smile.

(She still needs to work on her text message shorthand, though.)

Notes To Live By

While making my own notes to self, I decided to check out how others are doing it. So far, this is hilarious.

A few of my personal favorites in no particular order (my comments are in italics off to the side):

  • Never buy 1-ply toilet paper. The price-savings to raw-ass ratio never works out in your favor. (Sometimes people need to learn this lesson the hard way.)
  • Make a yearly habit of firing a gun, if for no other reason than to remind yourself you’re not particulalry fond of them and they can be quite dangerous if you’re not aware of what to do. Ditto for going out on a blind date. (Been there, done that and it wasn’t pretty — have the pictures to prove it. I’m talking about both, firing a gun and the blind date.)
  • Buy a ninja costume. Invent social occasions to wear it in public.
  • Rob the jewelry store and tell ‘em make me a grill.
  • Name each of your toes. Attempt to train them to stand at attention when called by name. Belittle the ones who can’t manage. By flipflop season you’ll realize that tough love was the way to go.
  • Find the end of the internet. Move on with your life. (Here you go.)
  • At some point this week, eat a meal that tastes so good it makes you want to curse. Out-loud. Pay heftily for the privilege of doing so if necessary. (I’ll do so only after I’ve lost the necessary weight and shamelessly flaunted my ass in a bikini for ten days in Australia.)
  • Begin referring to “SMS Messaging” as “S&M Messaging” in conversation. Stare at people incredulously if they have the nerve to correct you.
  • Clean out your inbox. Triple digits are BAD. (If triple digits are bad, I wonder what quadruple digits are.)
  • No matter what lies you tell yourself, you really will feel better if you just go ahead and get up in the morning instead of rolling back over. (Riiiiiight.)
  • Go get a slight crush on a cute [guy]. It makes you smile for no apparent reason. (‘Tis true. ‘Tis true.)

Okay, there are far too many humdingers to list, so go read, have a laugh, and gain some wisdom. Don’t say I never gave you nuthin’.

Make A Girl Smile

While perusing the blogosphere, I came across Rachel’s site and, I must say, she makes absolutely gorgeous jewelry. I personally like the breast cancer awareness lanyard.

So, wanna make a girl smile? Get her something pretty*. Make her feel like a lady. :)

* Of course, there are other ways to get a girl to smile, but I’m just stating the obvious here.

I’m Fortunate

Growing up, I spent a lot of time wishing my parents had enrolled me in piano lessons when I was two or taught me a second (or even, third) language when I was three. In fact, I resented them.

Despite being on the dean’s list, in honour society, and first chair in the top band, I always felt inadequate, especially when the other kids were bragging about playing an instrument for ten years when they were only 12 years old. They started me in everything too late. How could my parents curse me like this? I’d often wonder.

Then, sitting in my bedroom and looking around, I realized that I am fortunate and my parents didn’t curse me — they gave me a fighting chance.

Jamaica, the country where I was born, is akin to a third world country (though not as bad as some third world countries). There are two main classes: the very rich and the very poor. Flipping through my photo album, it’s fairly obvious which class we were in, but it didn’t deter my parents — more specifically, my mom.

My mother traveled to the states for a single purpose, to bring her family here because, after all, America is the land of opportunity. She worked for a year to bring me, my dad, and my two sisters here (and she had to do it individually over a period of another year). She single-handedly plucked us from a destitute future and gave me and my sisters a head start.

I only had to live in a metal shack (yea, like the ones you see in those feed the children commercials) for the first three years of my life instead of the first twenty-something. For that alone, I forgive my parents for not starting me in everything early. Instead, I’d like to thank them for the opportunities they made available to me.

They did the very best they could with what they had, and I have everything I do because of them.

Addendum: Actually, after speaking to my daddy, I only had to live in a metal shack for roughly the first 6 months. The rest of my life, we did live in a real house (I actually do remember it, too).

You Owe Me

My sister: Let me have some of your drink.
My nephew: No. (playfully)
My sister: But I’m your mother. I have stretch marks on my stomach because of you. You owe me.

WTF? Sometimes my sister is really funny without even realizing it.

And Before I Forget…

I have a new blog tenant – (yes, look over to your right..in the corner, a pretty picture has returned to the box).

This new blog tenant is called Kitchen Fun with Donna and Friends. This blog is yummy…since I’m on a diet, most of what’s written about over there, I cannot have…but it sure is nice to fantasize :D .

Visit, have fun, drool – and have some Milk Chocolate and Bourbon Truffles for me, please. I want to eat vicariously through you.